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Safe driving tips

  • Low tyre inflation will cause your tyres to wear prematurely and will increase your braking distance in an emergency.

  • For the right pressure for your vehicle, you can refer to your vehicle manufacturer tyre notice that is located in either your glove box, the inside pillar of the driver’s side door, or behind your fuel cap.

  • Tread-bare tyres are dangerous and offer no traction in wet weather conditions. In some cases, the tyres may even be irreparable, which may result in the cost of a new tyre. Healthy tyres with a good tread depth not only offer maximum safety, but also stop you from picking up foreign objects that can cause a blowout or a costly puncture repair.  

  • Any driver's change-of-line or lane-change can cause the vehicle to lose control. 

  • Diligence when looking after your tyres can save you money in the long run. 

  • Try to avoid kerb impact. Every time you hit the kerbs, it can fracture the sidewall of your tyres. 

  • Make sure you check your vehicle's fluids regularly for a smoother ride. The oil, transmission fluids, and coolant are what keep the motor alive and driving perfectly.

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