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Expert nitrogen inflation in the Illawarra

What is Nitrogen inflation?

Nitrogen inflation for tyres has been around for a number of years and has long been used to inflate aircraft wheels and other high-tech tyre types as an alternative to compressed air.

Why use Nitrogen inflation?

Unlike compressed air, Nitrogen gas is virtually water-free. This is good news because over time, the water in compressed air can corrode the metal wheels to which tyres are usually fitted.

Another advantage of Nitrogen is that the molecules that combine to make it are bigger than compressed air. This means that it defuses through the porous rubber of the tyre at a much slower rate, resulting in a longer retention of correct tyre pressures. This is great news as it is widely accepted that incorrect tyre pressure causes drag, which results in decreased fuel economy and tyre life.

Compressed air is also sensitive to temperature, again due to the incidence of water molecules. As the temperature increases, the moisture acts to affect the air pressure in the tyre, which can also affect both economy and handling.

Nitrogen inflation in the Illawarra

Can I mix compressed air with Nitrogen inflation?

Before our tyre technicians fill your tyres with Nitrogen, they will effectively evacuate any air that is already present in them by deflating the tyres. Once they have been inflated with the correct amount of Nitrogen, your tyres should retain their recommended pressures for a far longer time period than if they had been filled with compressed air. However, it is not always possible to obtain Nitrogen inflation. In these cases, compressed air can be added.

Please note that for the Nitrogen inflation to remain effective, it must remain at levels of no less than 95%.

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