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Wheel alignment & camber corrections in the Illawarra region

Correct wheel alignment is crucial to the safe handling of your vehicle, and is also a major contributing factor to premature tyre wear. To this end, it is always advisable to request that the wheel alignment is professionally checked at the time new tyres are fitted.

Expert wheel alignment

The skilled technicians atTyrepower Illawarra have the very latest "all wheel alignment" equipment available to quickly check and adjust your vehicle's steering geometry. Our qualified mechanics are highly skilled in the inspection of steering and suspension components for signs of undue damage or wear in relation to incorrect wheel alignment on vehicles of all types.

From simple alignment discrepancies to more serious camber and castor misalignments, our equipment can provide you with a detailed report.

Wheel alignment & camber corrections in the Illawarra region

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Why wheel alignment is important

The causes of incorrect wheel alignment can be as simple as kerb clipping or as complex as worn suspension components. Whatever the cause, incorrect alignment can cause a range of tyre and suspension wear problems if it is left unrectified, even to the point of rendering a vehicle dangerous to drive.

It is a sobering thought that misaligned steering could be shaving dollars off your tyres every time you drive your car. Don't take chances with your own or your passenger's safety - get the experts in today.

Whilst vehicle technology has made huge advances in the last few decades, many of the operating principles they rely upon have remained unchanged. Vehicle steering and suspension systems are one such area where this is very much the case. Despite the fact that modern vehicles generate considerably more power and active forces upon their steering and suspension components, they still operate on something known as the "Ackerman Principle".

The Ackerman principle

This principle dictates that under correctly aligned camber, castor, and toe alignment, the steering will always act to return to the centre straight ahead driving position. This ensures both safe driving and prolonged tyre life.

One of the main contributing factors to misaligned steering geometry is incorrect camber adjustment. This occurs when one or more of the vehicle's road wheels are leaning to the left or right of its pre-set vertical position.

Camber identification & correction

Whilst camber corrections may not be easily adjustable on all vehicles, they still need to be identified and rectified because their most common source is damaged suspension components or worn bushing.

These misalignments are a prime cause of premature tyre edge degradation and knock-on suspension component damage. Here at Tyrepower Illawarra, our sophisticated wheel alignment equipment will check all aspects of your vehicle's steering geometry, including the need for any camber adjustments.

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